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Useful Tax Links

Tax Organizations and Information Resources

We thought it would be helpful to connect you with some useful links to various tax organizations and other information resources.

Government (Related)
Industry Organizations

Government (Related)

Committee on State Taxation

Resources for Multistate Tax Professionals

Department of Justice - Tax Division

Civil Litigation Under Internal Revenue Laws

Department of Labor

Data and Statistics Related to Labor

Federation of Tax Administrators

Information For and About State Tax Authorities and Administrators

FedWorld Information Network

Public Access to U.S. Publications and Information

Internal Revenue Service

Access to Information and Services

International Association of Assessing Officers

More Information Here

Multistate Tax Commission

Tax Laws that Apply to Multistate and Multinational Enterprises

National Association of Counties

Information For, By and About Counties and County Officials

National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners

Topical Information Resource

National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers and Treasurers

States' Views on Financial Management Topics

National Association of Towns & Townships and Small Communities

Information Resource Pools

National League of Cities

Information and Policy

Occupation & Safety

SIC Codes for Various Industries

Tax Foundation

Tax Research Source

State and Local Government on The Net

Links to National Organizations, Multi-State Sites, Federal Resources, as well as Individual State Sites


US Circuit Court Directories

Searchable Database

US Supreme Court Opinions

Searchable Database


House of Representatives - 105th Congress

Public Access to Legislative Information

Joint Committee on Taxation

Summary of Tax, Trade and Revenue Provisions

THOMAS -- U.S. Congress on the Internet

Searchable Database

The Flat Tax Home Page

Provided by Senators Armey and Shelby

Industry Organizations

Appraisal Institute

Information for and about Appraisers

Association for Computers & Taxation

Tax and Tech Reviews, Information and Links

American Taxation Association

Tax Information, Education, and Research

Center for Information Law and Policy

Focusing on Law and Technology Issues

Electronic Data Interchange for Property Tax

EDI Standards for Property Tax

Finance Net

Information for Public Financial Management Worldwide

Institute for Professionals in Taxation

Tax Research Information and Standards of Professional Conduct

National Association of Enrolled Agents

Information and Links

Public Technology, Inc.

Technology Research, Development and Commercialization

Sales Tax Institute

Tax Rates, Links and Educational Information

Software Taxation Institute

Analysis of Tax Issues of Internet and Software Transactions

Tax Executives Institute

Information for Business Executives Responsible for Taxation Matters


National Association of Dealers

Lookup-Tool for Vehicle Values

Tax Analysts Online

Information for Taxpayers and Tax Professionals

Tax News Network (Price Waterhouse Coopers)

Tax News, Information, and Links


Information and Links to Tax Research and Products

Tax Help Attorney

Tax Attorney who works with the IRS in representing clients with offer in comprise and tax bankruptcy cases. 

Fun with Taxes

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